Financial Planning Literature Survey

The FPSC Foundation engaged Plan Plus Inc. to conduct an environmental scan from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, related to financial planning/services from 2003 to 2011. The objective of this exercise was to try and highlight research areas where there may be gaps. The survey was not intended to review the research in any manner but rather to aggregate and document its existence in some broad based categories. The study was carried out in two parts. To begin with, research was collected, categorized and totaled to determine high and low volume areas. Finally, industry practitioners and academics were petitioned to provide their opinions.

The results from this survey indicate the great need for research in many areas. Primary areas of investigation that require additional information are as follows:

Estate Distribution Analysis Debt Management
Pension Alternatives Non-Traditional Families
Tax Optimization Divorce Planning
Succession Planning Dependents with Special Needs

You can read the entire study on page 109 here.